The Work Of Concrete Contractors

The Work Of Concrete Contractors

3 Reasons to Install Parking Bumpers in Your Business's Parking Lot

Jeffery Hayes

Does your business have an adjacent parking lot that you are also the owner of? If so, you are likely aware that you are responsible for its upkeep and ensuring that the lot remains acceptable and safe for your incoming clients and customers. While you can hire a grounds person to help manage this area, there's one additional thing you can do that can go a long way towards improving the safety and overall professional feel of your business: get parking bumpers installed. It might not seem like a big deal at first glance but here are three ways that parking bumpers can actually help your business.

Improve Traffic Flow

If your business is typically very busy, you likely have customers coming in and out of your lot throughout the day. If your lot is just a big slab of asphalt without any clearly defined parking spots, it's pretty much a free for all out there and that could lead to a lot of congestion as customers try to get in and out of the area. By installing parking bumpers, you are clearly creating specific lanes throughout the parking lot, which will help improve the overall flow of traffic and help give drivers a better sense of which way they need to go.

Lower the Chances of Property Damage and Fender Benders

While you could just draw some chalk lines if you want to create specific parking spots, there is another advantage that going with parking bumpers instead can provide: greater security. if your parking lot comes right up to the entrance of the building, the bumpers will act as a buffer that will stop anyone with a heavy foot from accidentally getting to close to your store or office. In an especially crowded lot, parking bumpers could also prevent someone from accidentally hitting the vehicle in front of them when pulling into a parking spot.

Safety for You and Your Customers

When a parking lot does not have any parking bumpers, it can be incredibly easy for someone to cut across multiple parking spots to get to the other side of the lot instead of going the long way around. But if there are parking bumpers across the entire lot, it won't be that easy for someone to zigzag their vehicle through the area. By forcing customers and clients to stick to specific lanes when traveling through your lot, you can hopefully prevent an accident from happening. The last thing you want is for someone walking towards your store to be injured by a driver who was in a hurry to cut through to the other side of the parking lot.

If your business's parking lot feels like the Wild West, it might be time to get some parking bumpers installed. Bumpers can help create a natural flow of traffic in and out of the lot and can act as a safeguard against drivers hitting other vehicles or pedestrians. Contact a contractor like Unit Step Company for more information about installing bumpers.


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