The Work Of Concrete Contractors

The Work Of Concrete Contractors

  • Is A Bad Foundation Game Over?

    Many homeowners understandably panic when they learn that their foundation may be in jeopardy. Horror stories abound of foundation repairs stretching into the six-figure range. In extreme cases, a home may even be considered a total loss if the foundation issues are severe enough. Fortunately, not every crack spells impending doom. Foundation repairs that do not cost several years' salaries are possible and not all foundation issues mean that your home is (literally) on its last legs.

  • What To Know About Foundation Crack Repair

    Foundation cracks are common, even in new houses, since concrete shrinks as it cures. Cracks that develop due to concrete shrinkage aren't usually a cause for concern, while other types of cracks could be an indication of foundation problems. Here's why you should have cracks in your foundation repaired and how the work might be done. Why You Should Seal Concrete Cracks Cracks in the concrete can allow radon to seep up through the soil and enter your home.

  • Stampable Overlays Save Time -- Are They Right For Your Patio?

    A stamped overlay involves setting down a layer of concrete and putting stamps on top of it to create the pattern. It's almost like totally new stamped concrete, except the layer is added to existing concrete. Stamped overlays offer an economical way to make concrete look better. If you have old concrete that is generally in good shape, structurally speaking, a stamped overlay may be the right option to freshen up your patio.

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The Work Of Concrete Contractors

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