The Work Of Concrete Contractors

The Work Of Concrete Contractors

The Different Types Of Ready Mix Concrete To Use For Home Renovations And Repair Projects

Jeffery Hayes

Ready mix concrete is a special mixture of concrete that is mixed in a concrete plant and delivered to jobsites, such as home renovation and remodeling projects. There are many different things that ready mix can be used for, such as creating structures of hardscaping designs, decorative paths or structural repairs to your home. Here are some of the ways ready mix concrete is used for home remodeling, renovation and repair projects:

1. Retaining Walls and Landscaping Structures with Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix is the material that is most often used for retaining walls because it can have structural reinforcement. If you have a problem with the drainage around landscaping, then adding retaining walls is a good way to deal with the problem. These walls can be high and include drainage systems behind them to deal with any watershed problems around your property. Retaining walls are also a good solution to deal with steep terrain and create more usable outdoor space around your home.

2. Decorative Paths and Pavements with Colored Concrete and A Stamped Finish

If you are planning major renovations to your landscaping, you may want to consider adding decorative paths. Using real stone materials is costly and time consuming; ready mix concrete is the ideal solution for these types of projects. Textured and stamped concrete are also good solutions when you need to resurface your driveway and want to make it a little more attractive. There are also many different choices for colors that can be added to the ready-mix batch before it is delivered to your home.

3. Special Fiber Reinforced Concrete for Lightweight Structural Needs

Fiber cement products are also available to have delivered in a ready-mix truck. These materials have a fiberglass material added to them, which reduces their weight. Lightweight concrete mixtures are used where structural loads and the weight of conventional concrete are a concern. For example; if you have a new radiant floor system installed in your home, lightweight fiber mixtures can be used to reduce loads. Fiber mixes can also be used for things like surfacing a wooden deck structure with concrete materials.

These are just some of the ways ready mix concrete can be used for home renovation projects. If you need materials for some of your renovations or repairs, contact a ready mix service to have the concrete delivered to your home by truck. You can have concrete delivered for all the renovations and improvements you need concrete for. 


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