The Work Of Concrete Contractors

The Work Of Concrete Contractors

What Mistakes Could Leave Your Concrete Retaining Wall Structurally Unsound?

Jeffery Hayes

A retaining wall is not just a cosmetic structure in your yard. It can help with strengthening uneven land and keep water from flooding your lawn and ruining the foundation of your home. Unfortunately, if the wall is not properly constructed, it can cause more problems than it solves. To help ensure your concrete retaining wall is doing what it is supposed to, here are some design and execution mistakes to avoid. 

Placing the Concrete on Unprepared Soil 

A concrete retaining wall is relatively heavy. The ground on which it is placed needs to be solid enough to support it. If you do not take the time to prepare the soil before the base of the wall is poured, you could end up with a wall that is structurally weak and unsafe.  

As time passes, the soil beneath the base of the wall will start to shift. To prevent this, the topsoil needs to be removed. The remaining earth should be compacted using a compactor to ensure a more solid base. Once the soil is compacted, another substance, such as gravel, can be put down as the foundation. It is important that the substance is also compacted. The construction of the wall can begin at that point.  

Failed Designing of the Irrigation System 

One of the main reasons that a concrete retaining wall fails is that there is a build up of water behind it. The build up pushes into the wall and over time can cause structural issues that leads to it toppling or crumbling. Although the wall is designed to help keep water from flooding your lawn, it is not designed to deal with ponding water.  

The reason the water ponds is usually because the irrigation system has not been properly designed and executed. The system needs to be large enough to handle the water levels that are typical for your area. It also needs to divert the water away from the wall and to another area. The water should not end up back in your lawn where it can cause problems. A contractor can help you design your irrigation system to prevent all of these issues.  

Before building your concrete retaining wall, talk to a contractor to understand your design and execution needs. If you have already built your wall, the contractor can help identify structural issues and determine which repairs would make it more sound. For more information, contact a business such as Burns Brothers Concrete Construction Corporation


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