The Work Of Concrete Contractors

The Work Of Concrete Contractors

Four Ways To Use Concrete On Your Patio

Jeffery Hayes

Having a concrete patio doesn't just mean having a slab of concrete in your back yard. There are many different ways you can use concrete to create a stylish outdoor space. Use these ideas as inspiration, and partner with your concrete contractor to plan out your stunning new outdoor entertainment area.

Custom Concrete Seating Benches

Custom concrete seating benches can be built into your patio for permanent seating options that withstand the elements. You can use the custom benches to create a border for your patio, or you can add them in the center of the space for a focal point. Use throw pillows and cushions to customize the space and make the seating area more comfortable. You can also switch out the pillows and cushions throughout the warm weather seasons to give your patio an instant makeover.

Custom Concrete Fire Pit

If you love the idea of having a fire pit in your yard, consider having your concrete contractor create a permanent custom fire pit for you. This can be sunk into the ground for a sleek, modern look, or you can opt for an aboveground design. If you plan on throwing lots of outdoor dinner parties, have your contractor design a fire pit table. This gives you a beautiful way to dine with your guests around a roaring fire. Consider this option along with your custom concrete benches for an elegant look on your patio.

Stamped Concrete Floor

Stamped concrete can create the look of bricks, cobblestone, or tile while still giving you the benefits of sturdy concrete. Have your contractor show you some of the available options, and select a design that coordinates with the rest of your patio furniture and accessories. You can also use the stamped concrete to create a walkway leading to your patio.

Concrete Staircase

For a home that includes a staircase leading to the patio, consider replacing your old stairs with a concrete staircase. You can use your stamped concrete design to create a cohesive look, and you can even have your contractor widen the staircase to create a grand entrance to your home. A concrete set of stairs is also ideal if your yard sits on an incline, giving you a beautiful transition from the patio to the lawn.

Talk to your concrete contractor about your vision for your patio, and consider these ideas for incorporating concrete into your outdoor entertainment area. For more information, contact a company such as Pumptex Concrete Pumping.   


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