The Work Of Concrete Contractors

The Work Of Concrete Contractors

What To Expect When You Have A New Patio Installed

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A patio increases the enjoyment of your backyard. Chairs and tables are more stable on concrete than they are on grass and having an actual patio allows you to leave outdoor furniture in a permanent location without having to constantly move it to mow the grass. A concrete contractor can install a patio just about any place you want it. Here's an overview of the steps needed to put one in your yard.

Clear The Land

One of the most difficult parts of putting in a patio is clearing away the land so the base can be installed. The land doesn't have to be perfectly level, but it should be as flat as possible. You'll also need to clear out rocks, plants, and debris so the surface is smooth. Then, the area for your new patio is outlined with wood boards that create straight boundaries when the concrete is poured on.

Prepare The Base

One reason you don't have to be too precise with leveling the land is because a layer of rock goes down on top of it. The rocks help level off the area and cover up the soil so there is a uniform layer for the concrete to sit on. The rocks are applied and spread out evenly, then rebar is placed in the space in a grid pattern. The rebar gives the patio strength and stability.

Pour On The Concrete

The concrete is pumped on top of the rocks and leveled out as it goes. The mixture is thick and gummy, so it has to be handled properly to give your patio a smooth surface. This is done using tools such as a screen and float that are pulled across the surface. Joints are also put in that help keep the patio from cracking after it's cured.

Once the concrete is poured on and leveled out, and before it's dry, you can add enhancements to it if you like. Instead of a plain gray patio, you could add color or stamp designs into it. Stamping the concrete gives it the appearance of more expensive paver stones or tiles. You could even push stones or other items into the wet concrete for a personalized design. At the very least, the surface should be roughened up a little with a broom so it isn't slick when you walk on it.

Once the work is finished, the concrete must sit and cure before you walk on it. Your contractor will let you know how long you should wait. While it takes concrete a long time to finish curing, you might be able to walk on it within about a week. Waiting until it's the right time prevents you from making permanent marks on the surface. When it's time to use your patio, all you have to do is remove the frame boards and your beautiful patio is all set for many years of outdoor use.

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