The Work Of Concrete Contractors

The Work Of Concrete Contractors

Working With Concrete And Getting It Into Hard To Reach Areas

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Workings with concrete can be difficult but there are some ways to things easier. Sometimes you will need to take some extra steps to make the project easier. Hard to reach areas, working inside buildings or areas that have restrictions like walls or fences around them can all be dealt with if you have the right tools and experienced workers on the on the job site.

Planning Your Concrete Project

Anytime you are going to be working with concrete, you should take some time to plan the project out so that everything goes smoothly and you don't spend a lot of time with delays. Concrete does not set so fast that you have to work nonstop to stay ahead of it, but if you do have a delay, you could end up with so issues in the finishing steps. Measure ahead so that you know how much concrete needs to come into the site and order it with small intervals between trucks. A concrete truck sitting with the drum turn is a better situation than having to wait for long periods for the next truck to arrive.

Planning Access Routes

If you are going to have concrete trucks coming in and out to deliver material for your job, the route needs to be setup ahead of time. If there are low hanging wires, you might want the power company to raise them for you. Tree limbs and other obstructions need to be removed, and if the ground the trucks will be driving over is dirt, you may want to have gravel dumped on it to keep it from getting muddy as the truck travel back and forth.

Limited Access Sites

If you are working in an area with limited access and there is no way to get a concrete truck in, you may want to look at hiring a concrete pumping truck with a large boom and extensions. The pump can often reach over the obstructions and with the help of a spotter on the site, the operator can dump the concrete into the forms without ever being able to see them.

Go Big Or Go Home

If all else fails, concrete can be hand mixed using a small portable mixer on site. If you have a large quantity to mix, this is not a very effective method and you might have to consider going even bigger than the pumper. The option to use a crane and a hopper that is filled then moved into position on the site. The crane is expensive and not a great choice for just a few yards of concrete but if you have a lot of material to move into a difficult location, this might be the best solution you have.


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The Work Of Concrete Contractors

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