The Work Of Concrete Contractors

The Work Of Concrete Contractors

4 Tips for Sawing Through Concrete

Jeffery Hayes

If you have a small piece of concrete that you need to cut through cleanly, you might be able to handle this task yourself rather than having to hire a concrete cutting service. However, cutting through concrete with a saw is quite different than cutting through wood, and there are a few tips you'll need to adhere to if you cut through concrete on your own.

Use a corundum blade.

There are many different types of blades available. Blades made from diamond are the sharpest, but they are also very expensive. You'll pay significantly less for a corundum blade, and it will do just as good of a job as a diamond blade will on concrete. Your corundum blade may be all worn out when you are done with this project, but since these blades only cost less than $10 a piece, in most cases, this won't be a major loss.

Score the concrete first.

One problem that people often encounter when cutting concrete is having the blade bounce off the surface of the concrete when they first introduce it. You can avoid this problem by scoring your concrete before you start cutting it. Place a hand chisel against the concrete, and pound it with a hammer, just enough to make an indent in the concrete. Move the chisel further down the line, and make another mark. Continue until you have scored the entire length of the cut you want to make. The blade should then set nicely into this track without bouncing around, yielding a straighter cut.

Back the blade off to prevent overheating.

As you cut through the concrete, push the blade forward for a few seconds, and then back off and give it a rest. Then, push forward again for a few seconds. This cycle of backing off will keep the saw from overheating and powering off in the middle of your project.

Wear goggles and a respiratory mask.

Cutting concrete can get pretty messy. There will be dust and particles that spray back at you. To keep these particles from hitting you in the eye, always wear goggles when cutting concrete. In fact, wearing a welding mask is even better since it will protect your delicate face. Wear a white mask over your mouth and nose, too, so you do not inhale the dust.

As long as you follow the instructions above, you should not have any trouble safely and effectively cutting through concrete. Learn more about concrete cutting by contacting services like KC Coring & Cutting.


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