The Work Of Concrete Contractors

The Work Of Concrete Contractors

5 Important Considerations When You're Hiring Concrete Removal Services

Jeffery Hayes

Concrete removal is a necessary job for many different landscaping, renovation, and construction projects. If you need to have concrete removed from your property, you need to understand all the factors that go into planning out a concrete removal job.

The following are five important considerations to look into when you're hiring concrete removal services.

1. Concrete that's being removed will be classified as reinforced or unreinforced.

One thing your concrete removal service will need to know before the job starts is whether your concrete is reinforced with rebar or not. Reinforced concrete is typically more expensive to remove than concrete that contains no reinforcement. This is because reinforced concrete holds together more strongly and requires more effort to break apart and remove. 

2. Concrete removal jobs will generally be priced per square foot.

You're probably going to be given a price per square foot. Take measurements of the concrete area you need to have removed and shop around to find the prices offered by various concrete removers. 

3. You may need to acquire a permit before proceeding with concrete removal.

If a concrete removal job requires demolition, it may be necessary to acquire a permit to carry out the work. You need to find out if a permit is necessary before the job gets started. If a permit is necessary, you can acquire one through your area's city hall or other municipal authority. 

4. Utility lines can complicate a concrete removal job.

Your concrete removal service will have to take special care if they are removing concrete around utility lines. Utility lines can become damaged when concrete structures are broken up by impact or demolition. Make sure you discuss utility lines with your concrete removal service before the job begins to get an accurate quote on the cost and to ensure safety around the work site. 

5. Special considerations must be taken for the disposal of waste concrete.

When you get a quote on a concrete removal job, the service you're working with should factor in the additional cost of disposal. You cannot simply dispose of concrete with regular waste. 

Concrete will need to be hauled away to a landfill or another disposal site, and this will create an added cost after the cost of merely breaking up concrete. Depending on the waste disposal resources in your area, it might also be possible to recycle concrete. Discuss concrete disposal with a company like hardcore concrete cutting today to learn more. 


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