The Work Of Concrete Contractors

The Work Of Concrete Contractors

Stampable Overlays Save Time -- Are They Right For Your Patio?

Jeffery Hayes

A stamped overlay involves setting down a layer of concrete and putting stamps on top of it to create the pattern. It's almost like totally new stamped concrete, except the layer is added to existing concrete. Stamped overlays offer an economical way to make concrete look better. If you have old concrete that is generally in good shape, structurally speaking, a stamped overlay may be the right option to freshen up your patio.

No Removal Needed

The stamped overlay, as the name implies, is laid over the existing concrete. So there is no reason to remove the old concrete as long as its condition does not prevent the overlay from setting properly and staying in good shape. This makes the overlay a much faster process when you want to change how your patio looks. It's also more economical because of the shorter time involved in adding it, and because less work is needed to get the area ready. The contractors also need fewer supplies, so overall, they're saving time and money. Keep in mind that your costs will still vary based on the area that you need to be covered.

Existing Concrete Must Meet Requirements

The existing concrete that you want to cover has to be resurfaceable. Concrete that is badly cracked or scratched to the point of being uneven is not a good candidate for stamped overlays; you're better off removing that concrete, shoring up the base, and adding an entirely new layer. At that point, you can either stamp the new concrete itself or let it dry and then add a stamped overlay.

If the concrete is cracked a bit, but otherwise in good shape, you'll have to find the source of the crack before adding an overlay. Cracks due to poor base stability and frost heave should not be covered; you'll need to fix the base first unless you want the same cracks appearing in the overlay. Minor scrapes due to external issues like dragging furniture along the surface might be OK; the contractors you hire will be able to tell you if additional work is needed.

Have contractors take a look at your patio. They can tell you if you need total replacement, partial replacement and partial overlay, or total overlay. Get several bids and opinions and see what the average advice is. An overlay is a perfect way to give your patio a clean, new look without going overboard with your budget. For more information, schedule an appointment with a company like R. Pepin & Sons Inc.


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