The Work Of Concrete Contractors

The Work Of Concrete Contractors

2 Tips For Protecting Your Saw When Cutting Into A Concrete Slab

Jeffery Hayes

If you have decided to some remodeling projects in and around your house, one of your projects may involve either shortening or installing something in a concrete slab. Because of this, you may find that you need to cut away small portions of the slab. If you feel that you can do this small job yourself, make sure that you use the below tips to help protect your saw and blade while you are cutting into the concrete slab.

1.  Apply Tape to the Body of the Saw

While you are cutting into concrete, dust and small pieces will fly around. Because of this, you probably know to protect yourself by wearing a mask and goggles.

However, you also need to protect your saw from the tiny projectiles. If not, you may wind up with a scratched-up saw at the end of the job, at the very least, or even a cracked case.

Before you start cutting, you can protect your saw by apply masking tape to the body. Apply a double layer to the bottom and sides of the saw to protect it. Just make sure that you do not cover the vent holes. You do not want to block air and burn up your saw.

2.  Use Small, Shallow Cuts While Cutting

When cutting other materials such as drywall, you may be used to creating a long, single cut. While this may work with softer materials, if you try to make too long or deep of a cut into concrete, you will only end up with a broken blade and possibly a damaged saw. 

Because concrete is solid and extremely hard, forcing the blade into it will blunt the blade or cause it to catch inside of the cut. This could also result in a serious injury if you are not prepared when the saw stalls.

Instead of making long cuts, use smaller, more shallow cuts as you move the blade through the concrete. While this may take longer, it will help to keep your blade and saw from being broken as well as reduce the risk of you or someone nearby from being hurt.

Using the above tips can help protect your saw and its blade while cutting through small pieces of concrete. However, if you have a large project, you may want to consider hiring a concrete contractor who offers concrete slab sawing services such as A & B Concrete Coring Company to have them do the job for you.


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