The Work Of Concrete Contractors

The Work Of Concrete Contractors

Does Your Concrete Slab Need Cutting? 3 Signs You Need A Concrete Contractor

Jeffery Hayes

When you have concrete walls and slabs, you need to watch for signs of damage. Concrete is highly durable and stands up well under most conditions. But, that doesn't mean that concrete is indestructible. The fact is that concrete is susceptible to damage. In most cases, minor repairs can be taken care of quickly and easily. However, there may be times when more extensive repairs are needed. Some of those repairs may require concrete cutting. That's a method that allows portions of damaged concrete to be removed and replaced. If your concrete does need to be cut, it should be done by a licensed contractor. If you've got damaged concrete, read the list provided below. If you're dealing with any of the issues described here, contact a concrete contractor as soon as possible.

There Are Large Cracks to Be Repaired

If you have small cracks in your foundation, a concrete contractor may be able to repair the damage. But, if you have large cracks in the foundation and separation has occurred, more extensive repairs may be necessary. In fact, the contractor may need to use cutting to remove the damaged portion of the concrete. Once the damaged section is removed, your contractor will be able to pour fresh concrete to restore the condition of your foundation. 

There Is Erosion Damage Beneath the Concrete

If your concrete has been damaged by water, the damage could be more than surface-level. You could have damaged concrete all the way through to the soil. One way to identify that type of damage is to look at the surface of the concrete. If you have areas of concrete that look like they've compressed or like they're sinking into the soil, you've got below-the-surface erosion damage. That type of damage will need to be repaired using concrete cutting. Now's the time to contact a concrete contractor.

There Is Water Leaking From Your Basement Walls

If you have a basement, and you're worried about flood damage, look at the walls. This step is especially important if your basement walls haven't been waterproofed properly. Insufficient waterproofing will increase the risk of water damage, especially to your basement walls. Look at the walls. If you have visible cracks, check the area around the exposed concrete. If you can see water leaking from the cracks, you'll need more than a concrete patch. The damaged area will need to be removed via concrete cutting before fresh concrete can be used to restore the basement wall.

For more information, contact a local concrete slab cutting service.


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