The Work Of Concrete Contractors

The Work Of Concrete Contractors

Key Tips For Addressing Crawl Space Foundation Repairs

Jeffery Hayes

If your home's crawl space area is near the foundation and it's currently not encapsulated, moisture can build up around the area and cause damage. If this has already happened, you need to approach repairs in the following ways.

Identify Areas of Damage First

To figure out the scope of this repair process and the type of approach you should take on it, first enter the crawl space and point out areas that have been affected by water damage. This won't be too difficult if you know where your home's crawl space is and understand what signs of water damage look like.

If water stains have developed or sections of the foundation around the crawl space have cracks, then water damage has taken place and you need to make a note of it. Then you can make sure your repairs are specific and thus more impactful.

Talk to a Foundation Expert

Before you treat any foundation issue around the crawl space of your home, talk to a crawl space foundation repair professional. You want to have them conduct a formal inspection so that you know clearly what damage was done and what can be done about it now. 

After setting up an appointment with a licensed foundation expert, they'll inspect the crawl space area thoroughly and document damage just like how you did in the previous step. The only difference is the expert will know what certain signs mean and thus how they should be fixed going forward.

Encapsulate Area to Prevent Further Damage

Once you take care of the initial foundation damage around the crawl space, it's important to keep this area protected so that you don't have to keep making repairs and spending money. You'll succeed with this if you just have the crawl space encapsulated.

This involves putting a waterproof barrier around the crawl space and thus sealing it off from moisture and water. Just make sure you have this service carried out by a professional company. Their assistance will ensure every area in the crawl space is treated with high-quality barrier materials that won't have trouble holding up. 

Finding out that your foundation around the crawl space has become damaged because of water can be unsettling, but you need to move past this initial shock and get a repair worked out. If you thoroughly document damage and get recommendations on repair solutions, it won't be hard to reverse this foundation damage.


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