The Work Of Concrete Contractors

The Work Of Concrete Contractors

Prepare For A Commercial Foundation Upgrade

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If occasional flooding within your commercial building's basement is limiting the manner in which you use the interior space, modifying the structure of the concrete foundation may be necessary. A concrete contractor will be making repairs and will likely install new materials. Use the steps below to mentally and physically prepare for the modification process.

The Overview

A concrete contractor can oversee the modification of an existing concrete foundation. The walls and the flooring within a basement may be constructed of the same material. Small fissures or cracks in surface materials could have a bearing on how much water infiltrates your commercial business. Additionally, if there is not an adequate drainage system present, this variable could have an impact on the flooding that has occurred thus far.

A concrete contractor will perform inspection processes within the basement. This is when you will first be provided with some insight concerning why the foundation hasn't been living up to the standards you expected. A contractor may point out damage and advise you on investing in some upgrades that will further protect the basement for the unforeseeable future. A new drainage system that is installed in the flooring, for instance, can greatly protect the basement from further water accumulation issues.

The Foundation Prep Steps

Your contractor may supply you with a list of materials that will be used throughout the modification. If you are going to be investing in a sump pump, a drainage system, or another item that may be costly, you can benefit by pricing these essential items. Collaborate with your contractor about what materials you will be supplying and which ones you would like them to furnish for the foundation upgrade. Your contractor will charge you for any materials that they will bring onto the job site and install in your place of business.

Before the foundation project commences, conduct a walkthrough of the basement. During this time, assess what you have stored within the space and make preparations to move the items or cover them with protective plastic or a tarp. Although you won't need to worry about moisture accumulating during the repair process that your contractor conducts, you may need to use some of the items while the project is underway.

Any items that won't be needed while the foundation project is actively being conducted will stay clean, provided that you drape a protective covering over them. Your concrete contractor may need to use drills and other power tools that will create dust. Covering the items will prevent the need for extensive cleaning at the conclusion of the foundation repair project. 

For more info about foundation repairs, contact a local contractor. 


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