The Work Of Concrete Contractors

The Work Of Concrete Contractors

Purchasing An Older Home? 2 Types Of Damage To Watch For

Jeffery Hayes

If you are purchasing an older home, one thing you should check is the foundation for problems. Over time a foundation can become damaged due to many things. Below are two issues you may have that you need to be aware of.

Foundation Cracks

There are a variety of cracks you will see on foundations. Some cracks do not pose problems, but others do. 

If you see small hairline cracks, this is caused by shrinkage, which does not cause any problems. These cracks appear after the foundation is poured and the concrete is finished curing. If these cracks do not change in shape or size, you do not need to worry about them. If they do change at all, contact a foundation repair contractor. 

You may see vertical cracks which can also be caused by shrinkage after the concrete cures. If you look at other homes, you will likely see vertical cracks as these are normal. If you notice the cracks are becoming larger, however, you need to have the foundation inspected. It may not be damaged enough for repair, but you need to make sure. 

Stair step cracks appear like steps on a staircase. These cracks are due to the foundation shifting where one part of the foundation is lower than the other part. If you see these cracks, you need to contact a foundation repair contractor. They can signify larger problems that need to be addressed.

You may see horizontal cracks, which are serious as this is a sign that the foundation is bowing inwards. This is caused by the soil becoming compressed against the foundation wall. This is a very serious problem and if not taken care of quickly could result in more expensive repairs.

Foundation Settling

Another issue you may have is foundation settling. This is common with older homes because it is due to the foundation deteriorating. One common thing that causes a foundation to settle is having too much moisture. You may also not have enough moisture in the soil. If you go outside and inspect the foundation and notice it is sinking contact a foundation repair contractor immediately. 

The contractor will repair the foundation by raising it back up onto the steel pipes. They secure the foundation with jacks to make it much more stable. This will take time and may be an expensive repair, but it is worth it. If not taken care of your foundation will continue to settle and cause structural damage to your home. 

The foundation contractor can tell you about other problems you can have with your foundation. 


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